178 Irish Cat Names: A Celtic Charisma for Your Feline Friend!

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Choosing the perfect name for your feline friend can be a delightful yet challenging task, especially if you’re searching for something that reflects your cat’s unique personality or your cultural heritage. This guide to Irish cat names is here to inspire you and make your search easier. Irish names are enchanting, filled with character, and steeped in history and folklore, much like the Emerald Isle itself.

Whether you’ve got a playful tabby, a sleek Siamese, or a majestic Maine Coon, our list of 178 Irish cat names offers a plethora of choices that range from traditional Gaelic names to lesser-known monikers inspired by Irish legends and landscapes. All chosen with love and a nod to the rich tapestry of Irish culture.

So, if you’re a proud cat parent looking to give your furry companion an Irish name, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover a treasure trove of names that are as captivating as they are meaningful.

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Male Irish Cat Names

These names are imbued with strength, charm, and a dash of Irish wit, often inspired by legendary heroes, vibrant landscapes, and intriguing folklore.

Whether your kitty exudes the bravery of a Celtic warrior or the mischievous twinkle of a leprechaun, these names offer a perfect blend of tradition and personality. Delve into this collection and find that perfect Irish name that resonates with your feline’s character and your affinity for the Irish heritage.

  1. Aiden
  2. Beacan
  3. Cian
  4. Dermot
  5. Eamon
  6. Fionn
  7. Gallagher
  8. Hugh
  9. Ian
  10. Keegan
  11. Lorcan
  12. Murtagh
  13. Niall
  14. Oisin
  15. Patrick
  16. Quinn
  17. Rory
  18. Sean
  19. Tadhg
  20. Uilliam

Female Irish Cat Names

Steeped in history and folklore, these names beautifully reflect diverse aspects of Irish culture and mythology. Whether your feline friend embodies the grace of an Irish princess or the spirit of a mythical enchantress, this selection offers charming names that are both evocative and meaningful. Explore this array of names to find that distinctive Irish touch for your beloved feline.

  1. Aislinn
  2. Brigid
  3. Caitlin
  4. Deirdre
  5. Eimear
  6. Fiona
  7. Grainne
  8. Hannah
  9. Isolde
  10. Keeva
  11. Maire
  12. Niamh
  13. Orla
  14. Patricia
  15. Riona
  16. Saoirse
  17. Triona
  18. Una
  19. Winifred
  20. Yseult

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Irish Food Cat Names

If your cat is a foodie or you simply adore the rich and wholesome flavors of Irish cuisine, why not consider an Irish food-inspired name? These names are perfect for cats who have a certain fondness for treats or enjoy spending time in the kitchen with you.

They’re not only unique but serve as a reminder of Ireland’s culinary heritage, with its hearty stews, comforting breads, and creamy cheeses. Each name here is like a delicious slice of Ireland, adding a dash of charm and whimsy to your feline companion’s identity.

  1. Boxty
  2. Colcannon
  3. Drisheen
  4. Farl
  5. Goody
  6. Hotpot
  7. Irish Stew
  8. Jambon
  9. Kerrymaid
  10. Limerick Ham
  11. Marmalade
  12. Netty
  13. Oatcake
  14. Pudding
  15. Quinlan
  16. Rashers
  17. Soda Bread
  18. Tayto
  19. Ulster Fry
  20. Veda Bread

Irish Place Cat Names

Ireland is a country teeming with beautiful landscapes, historic landmarks, and charming cities that inspire a multitude of unique names. If you’re enamored by the scenic beauty of Ireland, consider naming your pet after one of its picturesque locations.

From bustling city names to quiet, serene countrysides and majestic mountains, this category offers you an array of choices that encapsulates Ireland’s indomitable spirit and enriching heritage. Each name here carries a piece of Irish geography with it, promising a distinctive and meaningful identity for your feline friend.

  1. Aran
  2. Blarney
  3. Cork
  4. Dublin
  5. Ennis
  6. Fingal
  7. Galway
  8. Howth
  9. Inishmore
  10. Kildare
  11. Leitrim
  12. Mallow
  13. Navan
  14. Offaly
  15. Portlaoise
  16. Roscommon
  17. Sligo
  18. Tipperary
  19. Ullard
  20. Wicklow

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Irish Mythology Cat Names

Irish mythology brims with enchanting tales of heroes, magical creatures, and gods, making it a treasure trove of unique and meaningful cat names. From powerful deities to mythical beasts, these names resonate with the magic and mystery of ancient Celtic lore.

If you’re a fan of mythology or want to imbue your feline friend’s name with a sense of mysticism and grandeur, this category would be an excellent selection. Each name here represents a character or element from Irish mythology, giving your cat a name that carries a fascinating story and a touch of the extraordinary.

  1. Balor
  2. Cu Chulainn
  3. Dagda
  4. Eriu
  5. Fionnuala
  6. Grainne
  7. Lugh
  8. Macha
  9. Niamh
  10. Oonagh
  11. Puck
  12. Queen Maeve
  13. Setanta
  14. Tuireann
  15. Uisliu

Irish Words Cat Names

The Irish language, known as Gaeilge, is rich and melodious, full of words that capture the essence of various elements of life. The ‘Irish Words’ category offers a plethora of these beautiful words as names for your cat.

Opting for an Irish word as a name imparts a sense of the cultural depth and linguistic charm associated with Ireland. Whether it’s about nature, love, strength, or mischief, each name here carries a distinct meaning, giving your cat a name that echoes with the poetic rhythm of the Irish language.

  1. Aoibhneas (Joy)
  2. Bán (White)
  3. Croí (Heart)
  4. Dúchas (Heritage)
  5. Fáilte (Welcome)
  6. Grá (Love)
  7. Iontas (Wonder)
  8. Léann (Learning)
  9. Meas (Respect)
  10. Neart (Strength)
  11. Ollscoil (University)
  12. Páiste (Child)
  13. Ríomhaire (Computer)
  14. Síocháin (Peace)
  15. Tús (Beginning)
  16. Uirlis (Tool)
  17. Vóta (Vote)
  18. Wagon (Wagon)
  19. X-ghaeltacht (Ex-Gaeltacht, for a modern take)
  20. Zú (Zoo, for the playful feline!)

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Irish Celebrity Cat Names

If you’re a fan of Irish celebrities and want to add a touch of fame to your cat’s moniker, these names would be your ideal choice. It includes names inspired by renowned Irish actors, musicians, writers, and sports figures.

Naming your cat after an Irish celebrity is a fun and unique way to pay homage to your favorite stars, bringing a part of their charisma and charm into your home. Just like these celebrities, your cat will surely command attention and steal hearts with its distinct name!

  1. Bono
  2. Cillian
  3. Enya
  4. Fassbender
  5. Glen
  6. Hozier
  7. Imelda
  8. Joyce
  9. Keating
  10. Larkin
  11. Mullen
  12. Niall
  13. O’Connor
  14. Pierce
  15. Quin
  16. Saoirse
  17. Thelma
  18. U2 (For a pair of cats!)
  19. Van
  20. Wilde
  21. Yeats
  22. Zellweger

Irish Musical Instruments Cat Names

Music holds a special place in Irish culture. So, if you’re a music lover or simply appreciate the melodious aspect of the Irish tradition, our next category of Irish cat names inspired by musical instruments would resonate with you.

These names encapsulate the magical rhythm and intricate craftsmanship that characterizes Irish music. Unique, melodious, and rich in cultural significance, these names are perfect for a cat that brings music to your life, filling your home with harmony and joy, just like a beautifully tuned Irish instrument.

  1. Bodhran
  2. Concertina
  3. Dord
  4. Fiddle
  5. Harp
  6. Ilan
  7. Jouhikko
  8. Kantele
  9. Lyre
  10. Mandola
  11. Nyckelharpa
  12. Octave
  13. Pipes
  14. Quena
  15. Strad
  16. Uilleann
  17. Viola
  18. Whistle
  19. Xylophone
  20. Yinfu
  21. Zampogna

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Irish Nature Cat Names

Ireland’s rich landscape is a treasure trove of inspiration, offering a vast array of marvels from rolling green hills to breathtaking coastal cliffs. This category of Irish cat names draws from this natural beauty, creating a collection that evokes the serenity and wild charm of the Irish countryside.

If your feline friend has a love for the outdoors, or you simply want a name that carries a sense of tranquility and strength, these Irish nature-inspired names are the perfect fit. They will forever remind you of Ireland’s stunning vistas, while adding a touch of Celtic charm to your cat’s identity.

  1. Aibell (Echo)
  2. Bláth (Flower)
  3. Cnoc (Hill)
  4. Dair (Oak)
  5. Easc (Waterfall)
  6. Foinse (Spring)
  7. Gaoth (Wind)
  8. Iasc (Fish)
  9. Laoch (Hero)
  10. Móna (Peat)
  11. Neantóg (Nettle)
  12. Ór (Gold)
  13. Preab (Jump)
  14. Sruth (Stream)
  15. Tuile (Flood)
  16. Úll (Apple)
  17. Veist (Beast)
  18. X-ghleann (Ex-Valley, for the adventurous cat!)
  19. Yeats (After the famous Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, who had a deep love for nature)
  20. Zephyr (For the cat who is as soft and gentle as a breeze!)

Choosing the perfect name for your new feline friend is an exciting journey, and we hope that this list of 178 Irish cat names has provided you with ample inspiration. Whether you’re drawn to the melodious charm of Irish instrumental names or the tranquil beauty of nature-inspired names, there’s an Irish name out there that perfectly captures your cat’s unique personality.

Remember, the best cat names are those that resonate with both you and your furry friend. So take your time, have fun with the process, and soon enough, you’ll land on the purr-fect Irish name that sings to your heart. Happy naming!

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