21 Best Companion Dogs for Yorkshire Terriers

yorkshire terrier (yorkie) sitting on a stair

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they’re affectionately known, are small yet feisty dogs with a lot of love to give. However, like any other dog breed, they crave companionship, making the search for a suitable playmate an important task for any Yorkie owner.

In this guide, we’ll explore 21 of the best companion dogs for Yorkshire Terriers, discussing each breed’s unique traits and why they make a great match for your Yorkie. We aim to make the process of finding a furry friend for your Yorkshire Terrier as joyful as the companionship they bring.

1. Affenpinscher

affenpinscher lying in the forest
Photo: Ekaterina Gorokhova/Getty Images

The Affenpinscher, with its playful and adventurous nature, makes an excellent companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Their similar sizes mean they will get along well, and their high energy levels make them perfect playmates.

Despite their small size, Affenpinschers are fearless and known for their loyalty, which can complement the often-times feisty personality of the Yorkie. Together, they can provide endless entertainment and companionship for their owners.

2. Australian Terrier

australian terrier on a walk
Photo: Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images

The Australian Terrier, another breed of similar size, is a perfect match for a Yorkshire Terrier. These energetic and playful dogs love to engage in games and activities, keeping their Yorkie friends on their toes. Their friendly temperament and love for fun make them one of the best dog breeds for Yorkies.

Their robust and feisty personalities match well with Yorkshire Terriers. At the same time, their loyalty and protective nature can provide a sense of security for their small Yorkie companions. An Australian Terrier and a Yorkie together can make a dynamic and lively duo, providing a constant source of joy for their owners.

3. Bichon Frise

bichon frise lying on grass
Photo: Lisa_Nagorskaya/Getty Images

The Bichon Frise, with its cheerful demeanor and sociable nature, is also a wonderful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. These fluffy little dogs have a friendly and affectionate temperament that meshes well with the Yorkie’s lively spirit. They love to play, and their gentle nature makes them ideal companions for Yorkies, who can sometimes be a bit assertive.

Bichon Frises are known for their charm and their ability to get along with other dogs. With their similar size and love for play, these dogs can provide mutual companionship and entertainment for each other. Their combined cheerfulness can make any home full of joy and laughter.

4. Biewer Terrier

biewer terrier sitting in a park
Photo: undefined undefined/Getty Images

The Biewer Terrier, a breed closely related to the Yorkshire Terrier, is another fantastic companion dog for Yorkies. With their similar terrier traits, they easily build a strong bond, fueling each other’s playful and energetic spirit. Biewer Terriers are known for their lively and affectionate disposition, making them a great fit for energetic Yorkies.

Despite being small, Biewer Terriers are sturdy and adventurous, matching well with the Yorkie’s assertive personality. The beautiful thing about their companionship is the balance they create. Where one lacks, the other compensates, making them not just companions, but also partners in mischief and adventure. No doubt, these two together can turn an ordinary day into an exciting one.

5. Cairn Terrier

cairn terrier lying in a flower garden
Photo: urbanglimpses/Getty Images Signature

The Cairn Terrier, renowned for its role in “The Wizard of Oz”, is a delightful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Their fun-loving and courageous personality aligns perfectly with the Yorkie’s energetic nature. Cairn Terriers, with their tenacious spirit and zest for life, can keep up with the lively antics of a Yorkie, ensuring there’s never a dull moment when these two are around.

Cairn Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers share a similar size which makes them perfect playmates. The camaraderie between them stems from their shared Terrier heritage, making them a dynamic duo. Their companionship brings about an atmosphere of warmth and vitality, making them an excellent choice for a multi-dog household.

6. Chihuahua

chihuahua playing in the park
Photo: Kurt Pas/Getty Images

The Chihuahua, one of the smallest dog breeds, makes a wonderful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Their compact size and lively personality match perfectly with Yorkies, creating an energetic and joyful environment. Chihuahuas are known for their loyalty and affection, traits that gel well with the Yorkie’s vibrant spirit.

Despite their small stature, Chihuahuas are known for their confident and bold demeanor, similar to Yorkshire Terriers. This mutual boldness strengthens their bond, making them inseparable pals. Plus, their shared love for play and exploration ensures there’s always fun and excitement when these two are together. This combination certainly brightens up any household.

7. Coton de Tulear

coton de tulear walking outdoor
Photo: Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images

The Coton de Tulear, named for its unique cotton-like coat, is an excellent companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Known for their jovial and loving nature, Cotons seamlessly blend in with the lively and spirited disposition of Yorkies. They share a similar size with Yorkshire Terriers, making playtime more enjoyable and manageable for both.

Cotons are known for their adaptability and sociability, traits that Yorkies also possess. Their cheerful demeanor creates a vibrant and happy atmosphere, making them inseparable companions. With their shared love for play and companionship, the union of a Coton de Tulear and a Yorkshire Terrier ensures a lively and joyful household.

8. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

dandie dinmont terrier standing by the door
Photo: Dan Baillie / 500px/Getty Images

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier, a distinctively styled breed, is a fitting companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Dandies, like Yorkies, are small but showcase a big-dog personality. Their charismatic and bold nature pairs well with the Yorkie’s vibrant spirit, creating a dynamic duo that thrives in any setting. Dandies share a mutual love for play and exploration with Yorkies, ensuring a lively environment.

Known for their intelligence and independent thinking, Dandies provide an interesting complement to the Yorkie’s spirited and affectionate temperament. They both enjoy being the center of attention and share a love for companionship. This pairing generates an exciting and loving atmosphere, making them the best companions for each other.

9. Fox Terrier

fox terrier on a walk in nature
Photo: marefoto/Getty Images

The Fox Terrier, with its energetic and outgoing nature, is another fantastic companion dog for Yorkshire Terriers. Fox Terriers and Yorkies share an adventurous spirit, love of play, and similar size that makes them compatible for fun-filled activities. Both breeds are known for their keen intelligence and lively dispositions, which can lead to a harmonious and animated environment in any home.

Fox Terriers, like Yorkies, are sociable and enjoy being around people. Their shared love for company ensures a bond of companionship that is hard to break. With their combined charisma and spirited personas, a Fox Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier together make a delightful and engaging pair.

10. Havanese

havanese dog running in a spring garden
Photo: Fischer S./Getty Images

The Havanese breed, known for its jovial and sociable demeanor, makes a wonderful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. These dogs, like Yorkies, are small in size but brimming with personality. Their cheerful and companionable nature is a perfect match for the Yorkie’s bold and lively temperament, creating a spirited pairing that’s hard to resist.

Havanese dogs are smart and easily trainable, much like Yorkies. They enjoy being in the spotlight and love to be part of the family activities – attributes that align well with the Yorkies’ needs. Together, a Havanese and a Yorkshire terrier can create a loving and dynamic environment, making them an ideal match for one another.

11. Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound playing with a ball in the park
Photo: eduardolopezcoronadophoto

The Italian Greyhound, renowned for its elegance and affectionate nature, is a superb companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Despite being a bit larger, they share a similar zest for life and a love for cozy cuddles, much like Yorkies. Their calm demeanor coupled with the Yorkie’s vivacious energy results in a balanced and harmonious companionship.

Italian Greyhounds are also known for their intelligence and trainability, a trait mirrored in Yorkies. They love being a part of family activities and their quieter nature can be a soothing influence on a Yorkshire Terrier’s lively spirit. Together, these breeds make a fascinating match, ensuring a lively and loving household.

12. Maltese

maltese dog sitting on a park bench
Photo: DevidDO/Getty Images

The Maltese breed, renowned for its gentle and affectionate nature, pairs wonderfully with Yorkshire Terriers. Just like Yorkies, Maltese dogs are small with a big personality, known for their friendly and engaging disposition. Their gentle temperament aligns perfectly with the Yorkie’s spirited personality, providing a charming and lively dynamic.

Maltese dogs share a similar level of intelligence and trainability with Yorkies. They enjoy being the center of attention and are always eager to participate in family activities. This camaraderie perfectly complements the Yorkshire Terrier’s energetic and social nature. Together, a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier create a heartwarming and vibrant environment.

13. Miniature Pinscher

miniature pinscher walking in a park
Photo: maite grau/Getty Images

The Miniature Pinscher, endearingly known as the “King of Toys,” makes a dynamic companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Their small size and spunky personality match well with the vivacious nature of Yorkies. These pint-sized dogs are known for their courageousness and love for adventure, ensuring an exciting and fun-filled companionship.

Miniature Pinschers are intelligent and highly trainable, much like Yorkies. They are social creatures who love being involved in household activities and their bold spirit can be a delightful match for the Yorkshire Terrier’s playful demeanor. The union of a Miniature Pinscher and a Yorkshire Terrier guarantees a lively and entertaining household.

14. Norfolk Terrier

norfolk terrier standing
Photo: robbinsbox/Getty Images

The Norfolk Terrier, though compact in size, carries a heart full of courage and warmth, making it a great companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Their similar size and comparable life span provide an ideal pairing, creating a harmonious bond that thrives on companionship and mutual respect. The Norfolk Terrier’s sturdy, playful, and friendly nature aligns beautifully with the Yorkie’s energetic disposition, ensuring a lively household.

This breed, like Yorkies, is highly intelligent and versatile, always up for learning new tricks or engaging in playful activities. Norfolk Terriers love being involved in family activities and their adventurous spirit complements the Yorkshire Terrier’s playful demeanor. Together, a Norfolk Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier create a delightful and vibrant environment.

15. Papillon

papillon lying on grass in a park
Photo: RichLegg/Getty Images Signature

The Papillon, named for its butterfly-like ears, is a charming companion for Yorkshire Terriers. This small breed exudes elegance and an endearing spirit, perfectly matching the Yorkie’s lively personality. Papillons and Yorkies both share a high level of intelligence and an innate desire for companionship, which makes them a great match.

Papillons, with their friendly and outgoing nature, usually get along well with other dog breeds, especially those as spirited as the Yorkshire Terrier. Their lovable nature and the joy they bring to their households make them one of the best companion dogs for Yorkshire Terriers. Indeed, a Yorkie and a Papillon together promise an environment full of warmth, love, and fun.

16. Pomeranian

pomeranian sitting in a forest
Photo: Maitri/Getty Images

The Pomeranian, with its fluffy coat and lively character, makes a delightful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. These small breeds share a similar size and an abundance of energy, creating an exciting atmosphere that is always filled with play and fun. Pomeranians, like Yorkies, are intelligent and enjoy the company of their fellow pups, making them one of the best companion dogs for Yorkshire Terriers.

Pomeranians are known for their cheerful nature and love for exploration. They tend to get along well with Yorkshire Terriers, sharing a mutual love for adventures and companionship. Such an energetic duo can easily fill a household with joy and laughter, making every day a lively experience.

17. Shih Tzu

shih tzu walking in a forest
Photo: elenasendler/Getty Images

The Shih Tzu, with its gentle and affectionate disposition, offers a calm yet playful companion for Yorkshire Terriers. Known for their loving temperament and friendly character, Shih Tzus can create a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere that complements the energetic persona of the Yorkie. Their shared love for companionship and social interaction contribute to making them one of the best dog breeds for Yorkies.

Despite their contrasting energy levels, Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers can form a balanced duo, perfectly complementing each other’s personalities. The calmness of a Shih Tzu can help balance the high-spirited nature of a Yorkie, promoting an atmosphere of harmony and respect. Together, they can create a household filled with love and amusement.

18. Silky Terrier

silky terrier walking outdoor
Photo: Tabatha Del Fabbro Lead Images/Getty Images

The Silky Terrier, often known as the Sydney Silky, is an excellent companion for Yorkshire Terriers due to their similar origins and characteristics. Both breeds share a robust and enthusiastic personality that makes for engaging play sessions. The Silky’s alert and responsive nature aligns well with the Yorkie’s lively demeanor, making them one of the best companion dogs for Yorkshire terriers.

Despite their physical similarities, it’s the Silky Terrier’s sociable and affectionate temperament that truly complements a Yorkie. They love being in the company of their human families and fellow dogs. The bond between a Yorkie and a Silky can enliven a home with boundless energy and companionship.

19. Toy Poodle

toy poodle looking up
Photo: fanjianhua/Getty Images

The Toy Poodle, with its intelligent and lively personality, pairs well with a Yorkshire Terrier. Sharing a similar size and lively temperament, these breeds can indulge in active play, making them excellent companion dogs for Yorkshire terriers.

The Toy Poodle’s sociable nature and adaptability add to its compatibility with the Yorkie. They enjoy being in the company of their fellow dogs and can effortlessly blend into any household. Together, a Toy Poodle and a Yorkie can provide an energetic and loving atmosphere.

20. West Highland White Terrier

west highland white terrier (westie) lying in a park
Photo: Laures/Getty Images

The West Highland White Terrier, also known as the Westie, is another breed that forms a great duo with a Yorkie. Known for their friendly and confident nature, Westies share a similar energy level with Yorkshire Terriers. Their playful demeanor makes them one of the best dog breeds for Yorkies, bringing a joyful vibrancy to every interaction.

Westies are not just playful; they are also affectionate and love to socialize. They enjoy the company of other dogs and can easily form deep bonds with their canine peers. The Westie’s sociable nature and the Yorkie’s enthusiastic personality can create a lively and harmonious environment, making them an excellent match.

21. Yorkshire Terrier

two yorkshire terriers (yorkie) lying in the forest at sunset
Photo: Juliia Kishun/Getty Images

Yorkshire Terriers are a breed that can very well be a companion to their own kind. Their compatibility stems from their shared size, energy levels, and an inherent understanding of each other’s breed-specific behaviors.

Yorkies are known for their bold and confident nature, which pairs well with their adventurous spirit. They are also fond of socializing with other dogs, making them excellent companions for other Yorkies. Their shared energy and playful antics can foster an environment filled with joy and dynamic interactions.

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