Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

petit basset griffon vendeen portrait

Leap into the world of the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, a dog breed that’s as unique as its name! These adorable, scruffy bundles of joy are known for their vivacious personality and sturdy physique. With an insatiable zest for life, they’re the ultimate companions for those seeking a tail-wagging adventure!

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

grand basset griffon vendeen portrait

Meet the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, a French dog breed with a name as grand as its personality! Known for their distinctive long ears, robust stamina and a heart full of love, these charming hounds are a delightful blend of playfulness, loyalty and an adventurous spirit that you can’t resist!

Cirneco dell’Etna

cirneco dell'etna portrait

Welcome to the captivating world of the Cirneco dell’Etna, a unique dog breed that’s as fiery as the Sicilian volcano they’re named after! These nimble, energetic canines are known for their bat-like ears, sleek coats, and remarkable endurance.


otterhound portrait

Dive into the captivating world of the Otterhound, a breed that’s as distinctive as it is delightful. With their webbed feet, super-powered sniffer, and a character as playful as an otter itself, this rare breed splashes its way straight into people’s hearts!

Norwegian Elkhound

norwegian elkhound portrait

Ready to embark on a journey through the enchanting fjords of Norway? Meet your perfect companion, the Norwegian Elkhound! Known for their robust stamina, sharp intelligence, and unforgettable silver-grey coat, they’re sure to capture your heart in a heartbeat!

Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound portrait

Meet the Irish Wolfhound, a gentle giant with a heart as big as their towering stature! This breed’s unique combination of grace, strength, and kindness has won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.


dachshund portrait

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dachshunds, where short legs meet big personality! These lovable “sausage dogs” are famous for their elongated bodies, playful nature, and unmatched loyalty.

English Foxhound

english foxhound portrait

Welcome to the world of the English Foxhound, a breed that’s as unique as it is captivating. Known for their keen sense of smell, unmatched stamina, and sociable nature, these dogs are a bundle of joy wrapped in a handsome coat.

American Foxhound

american foxhound portrait

Meet the American Foxhound, a breed that’s as charming as it is adventurous! With their top-notch sniffing abilities, enviable stamina, and heartwarming loyalty, these dogs are a delightful blend of energy and affection.

Bluetick Coonhound

bluetick coonhound portrait

Say hello to the Bluetick Coonhound, a breed that’s as unique as its melodious howl! With their striking coat, exceptional tracking abilities, and heartwarming loyalty, these hounds are the unsung heroes of the canine world.