15 Dog Breeds That Are Similar to the Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute

The majestic Alaskan Malamute, renowned for its strength, stamina, and Arctic heritage, has long captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we journey through 15 dog breeds that are similar to the Alaskan Malamute, each offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of canines that share a kinship with the breed.

1. Siberian Husky

siberian husky in a park
Photo: Kateryna Babaieva/Pexels

Siberian Huskies share a storied lineage with Malamutes as premier sled dogs. With similar wolf-like appearances, strong builds, and thick double coats, they are frequently mistaken for each other. Both excel in extreme climates, demonstrating immense endurance. Their friendly, outgoing temperaments, combined with their shared sled-pulling histories, further tighten their bond.

2. Samoyed

samoyed in a garden
Photo: elenaleonova/Getty Images Signature

Samoyeds, radiating with their white fluffy coats, also hail from cold regions like the Malamutes. Their strength, stamina, and adaptability to frigid climates highlight their sledding and herding heritage. Both breeds possess an innate work ethic, which, combined with their friendly dispositions, makes them exceptional working partners and family pets.

3. Akita

akita in a park
Photo: Eduard_Mikrykov/Getty Images Pro

Akitas and Malamutes both exhibit strength, resilience, and endurance. Their roles in cold climates have shaped them into robust workers, ideal for tasks requiring sheer power. Protective and loyal, Akitas, like Malamutes, form tight bonds with their families, displaying a reserved demeanor with strangers. These shared qualities stem from their roles as protectors and hunters in their native lands.

4. Canadian Eskimo Dog

canadian eskimo dog in winter
Photo: dennysb/Getty Images Signature

Deeply embedded in the Arctic lifestyle, the Canadian Eskimo Dog mirrors the Malamute’s strengths and abilities. Their sled-pulling heritage, coupled with a life in severe cold conditions, has crafted them into resilient, hardworking canines.

With dense coats, muscular frames, and high energy levels, they excel in stamina-driven tasks, much like Malamutes. Their shared roles in transportation and work in Arctic regions further align their historical and functional paths.

5. Greenland Dog

two greenland dogs standing on snow
Photo: jordachelr/Getty Images

Greenland Dogs, like Malamutes, were indispensable assets in Arctic regions. Their roles in transportation, particularly sled-pulling, resonate with the Malamute’s history.

These strong, independent dogs, equipped with dense fur and a robust physique, are naturally attuned to the challenges of cold environments. Their work-driven mentality, combined with their innate strength, reflects the Malamute’s sled dog attributes.

6. Norwegian Elkhound

norwegian elkhound standing in a field
Photo: Darius Murawski/Getty Images

The Norwegian Elkhound‘s Spitz ancestry bestows upon it striking similarities with Malamutes. From their thick grey coats to their robust stature, they are natural sled-pullers and hunters. While the Malamute was more of a heavy hauler, the Elkhound’s specialty was in tracking large game, but both breeds’ histories are drenched in rigorous physical activity in cold climates.

7. Shiba Inu

shiba inu sitting in a park
Photo: Kurt Pas/Getty Images

While smaller in size, the Shiba Inu shares the Spitz lineage, evident in its plush coat, curled tail, and keen alertness. Both breeds exhibit a strong independence and intelligence, requiring consistent training methods. Their double coats, suited for cold, and their ancient histories rooted in hard work, align them functionally.

8. Alaskan Husky

alaskan husky's face
Photo: Ryhor Bruyeu/Grisha Bruev

Designed for sled-pulling and racing, Alaskan Huskies are in many ways the Malamute’s close relatives. Their dense fur, muscular frames, and keen instincts for sled work showcase their Arctic dog lineage. The shared lineage ensures a similar work ethic, stamina, and cold resistance.

9. Chinook

chinook's face
Photo: Tolga deniz Aran/Pexels

The Chinook’s history intertwines with sled dog narratives, making it similar to Malamutes. With their double coats, sturdy frames, and a history rooted in transportation roles in cold climates, their design and purpose align closely. Their loyalty, friendliness, and intelligence also mirror Malamute traits.

10. Finnish Lapphund

finnish lapphund lying on a rock
Photo: cynoclub/Getty Images

Hailing from cold regions, the Finnish Lapphund‘s thick double coat is a testament to its adaptability, similar to the Malamute’s. While more inclined towards herding, their energy, intelligence, and alertness echo the Malamute’s working spirit.

11. Keeshond

keeshond in a green field
Photo: Anagramm/Getty Images

Keeshonds, characterized by their plush double coats and curled tails, share the Spitz lineage with Malamutes. Their friendly disposition, combined with their work history in colder regions, draws them closer in comparison to Malamutes in function and demeanor.

12. Swedish Elkhound

swedish elkhound running in a park
Photo: Modestil/Getty Images

Sharing the rigors of hunting and sled-pulling, Swedish Elkhounds are robust, enduring canines similar to Malamutes. Their thick coats, strong frames, and an innate instinct for work align them closely with the hardworking nature of Malamutes.

13. Northern Inuit Dog

northern inuit dog's face up close
Photo: Drazen_/Getty Images Signature

Born from a mix which includes the Malamute, the Northern Inuit Dog carries many Malamute traits. From its thick coat suitable for cold weather, wolf-like appearance, to its friendly yet independent nature, it embodies many characteristics that Malamute lovers would recognize.

14. Seppala Siberian Sleddog

seppala siberian sleddog pulling a sled

The Seppala shares with the Malamute a rich sled-pulling legacy. Crafted for stamina and strength in the Arctic’s relentless chill, they both exhibit similar physical attributes: dense double coats, powerful legs, and a rugged build. Their shared history of endurance and work in extreme conditions underscores their similarities.

15. Tamaskan

tamaskan dogs lying in a field

Tamaskans, inherently blended with Malamute genes, naturally carry many of the breed’s traits. Their thick double coats, strong frames, and a combination of intelligence and loyalty are all reflective of their shared heritage with Malamutes. As a breed designed to mirror the wilderness of the wolf with the temperance of a domestic dog, they capture the essence of the Malamute’s spirit.

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