14 Dog Breeds That Are Similar to American Bulldog

american bulldog sitting near a lake

The American Bulldog, renowned for its strength, loyalty, and distinctive appearance, has often been the touchstone for evaluating other powerful dog breeds. Across continents and cultures, there exist a plethora of dog breeds that are similar to the American Bulldog in various aspects, be it their physical stature, historical roles, or endearing temperaments.

This article delves into 14 such dog breeds, exploring the nuances that bind them to the iconic American Bulldog. Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking deeper insights or a potential pet owner looking for breeds with similar traits, this compilation offers a captivating journey into the world of canine resemblances.

1. English Bulldog

english bulldog walking in a park
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The English Bulldog and American Bulldog share a lineage that’s evident in their physical features. Both breeds showcase a muscular frame, broad chest, and a prominent head. The distinctive loose skin around their face, coupled with a pronounced underbite and short snout, often leads to confusion between the two breeds. Historically, these traits were cultivated for bull-baiting, providing both breeds with their “bull” descriptor.

In terms of personality, both bulldogs exude loyalty, courage, and affection. They form strong bonds with their human families, making them trusted companions. Their protective nature and bond with humans, particularly children, further underline the common temperament shared by these two breeds.

2. Boxer

boxer dog lying in a garden
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The Boxer and American Bulldog are often compared due to their strikingly muscular builds and strong, athletic frames. Both breeds possess a square muzzle, broad chest, and a confident stance. Their powerful appearance is complemented by their short, sleek coats, which further accentuates their well-defined musculature, making them easily recognizable in the canine world.

On the temperament front, both the Boxer and American Bulldog are known for their loyalty, protective instincts, and deep affection for their families. While they can be wary of strangers, they are also playful and gentle, especially with children. This combination of physical and behavioral traits often leads to their comparison.

3. American Pit Bull Terrier

american pit bull terrier sitting on grass
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The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the American Bulldog share a deep-rooted history, often intertwined due to their roles as working and catch dogs. Both breeds display a solid, muscular physique and are recognized for their strength and agility. Their short coats, pronounced jaws, and similar head structures often make distinguishing between the two challenging for those unfamiliar with the breeds.

In terms of temperament, both the APBT and the American Bulldog are fiercely loyal, intelligent, and protective. When raised in nurturing environments with proper training, they can be affectionate and gentle family companions. Their shared traits of courage and tenacity often see them mentioned in the same breath.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier walking outdoor
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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog, while distinct in many respects, have several similarities. Both breeds display a strong, muscular build, which is a testament to their historical roles as working dogs. Their broad heads, short muzzles, and pronounced jaws highlight their shared lineage and purpose for tasks that demanded strength and tenacity.

Temperamentally, both breeds are known for their unwavering loyalty and affection towards their families. Their protective instincts are undeniable, yet with proper socialization and training, they can be incredibly gentle, especially around children. This juxtaposition of strength and tenderness makes both breeds cherished companions to many.

5. American Staffordshire Terrier

american staffordshire terrier in a park
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The American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bulldog both embody a strong, muscular appearance indicative of their working dog lineage. Their compact builds, coupled with their pronounced jaws and broad heads, reflect their history, often associated with tasks requiring strength and determination. The similarities in their physical stature often lead to confusion among those less familiar with the individual breeds.

Behaviorally, both the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bulldog are celebrated for their deep loyalty and affection towards their human families. Their protective nature is well-known, yet, when given appropriate training and socialization, they exhibit a gentle and amiable disposition, especially within their household.

6. Bullmastiff

bullmastiff standing outdoor
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The Bullmastiff and the American Bulldog both exude strength and power in their stature. These breeds are marked by their muscular frames, strong jaws, and prominent heads. Their imposing physical presence was historically rooted in roles that demanded might and endurance, such as guarding and hunting. Their formidable appearance is a shared testament to their working dog origins.

Despite their robust exteriors, both Bullmastiffs and American Bulldogs have a tender side, especially when it comes to their families. Renowned for their loyalty and protective instincts, these breeds are also affectionate companions. With proper socialization, they integrate seamlessly into family life, displaying warmth and gentleness.

7. Rottweiler

rottweiler in an autumn park
Photo: NioleNina/Pixabay

The Rottweiler and the American Bulldog both radiate strength and confidence, evident in their well-muscled bodies and bold stances. Historically used for demanding tasks, from guarding to herding, their physical attributes, including their strong jaws and deep chests, reflect their roles as diligent workers capable of exerting power when necessary.

In terms of temperament, both breeds are deeply loyal, often forming unbreakable bonds with their families. This dedication is coupled with a protective instinct, making them vigilant guardians of their households. Nevertheless, with proper training and socialization, both Rottweilers and American Bulldogs showcase a gentle side, especially when interacting with family members.

8. Presa Canario

presa canario lying on green grass
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The Presa Canario and the American Bulldog, both powerful and imposing breeds, emanate an aura of strength. Their muscular frames, pronounced heads, and sturdy postures highlight their shared histories as working and guarding dogs. Originating from different regions, they still parallel in their physical attributes, from their robust build to their intense gaze, underscoring their roles in protection and control.

Temperamentally, the two breeds share a protective nature, often being vigilant and alert in guarding their territories and loved ones. With the right training and early socialization, both the Presa Canario and the American Bulldog can be gentle, affectionate family members, revealing a side contrary to their formidable appearance.

9. English Mastiff

english mastiff walking in water
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The English Mastiff and the American Bulldog are both emblematic of power and strength. Their substantial frames, marked by broad chests and powerful limbs, hint at their shared history of guarding and protection roles. The Mastiff, known for its colossal size, and the American Bulldog, with its athletic build, both exhibit a strong presence that commands respect and admiration.

On the behavioral front, despite their formidable appearance, both breeds are known for their gentle disposition, especially within their family circles. Their innate loyalty and protective instincts make them dependable guardians. With the right environment and upbringing, they become loving and devoted family companions, showcasing their tender side.

10. Dogo Argentino

dogo argentino in a forest
Photo: Lunja/Getty Images Pro

The Dogo Argentino and the American Bulldog, while emerging from different corners of the world, bear striking resemblances in their athletic physiques. Both breeds showcase muscular, well-defined bodies reflecting their historical roles – the Dogo Argentino for big game hunting and the American Bulldog for farming and protection. Their broad heads, strong jaws, and determined gaze further underline their capacities as working breeds.

In terms of temperament, both breeds are deeply loyal to their families, often proving to be loving and reliable companions. Their protective instincts are pronounced, making them formidable guardians. However, with appropriate training and socialization, they reveal an affectionate demeanor, especially with those they trust.

11. Cane Corso

cane corso running in a park
Photo: Kurt Pas/Getty Images

The Cane Corso and the American Bulldog both stand as pillars of strength and determination in the canine world. Their well-muscled builds, combined with their broad heads and powerful stance, are reflections of their shared legacies as guard and working dogs. Both breeds possess a certain grace in their movements, despite their hefty size, showcasing their agility and endurance honed through generations.

Beyond physical similarities, these breeds are known for their unwavering loyalty and protective instincts. While their initial demeanor may be reserved or even imposing, proper training and socialization reveal their affectionate and gentle side, especially when they are around family and familiar faces.

12. Bull Terrier

bull terrier walking in a meadow
Photo: alberto clemares expósito/Getty Images

The Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog, though distinct in appearance, share certain attributes rooted in their historical purposes. Both breeds have strong, muscular physiques, tailored for demanding roles from ratting to guarding. The Bull Terrier, with its unique egg-shaped head, and the American Bulldog, with its broad and powerful muzzle, both represent the epitome of canine tenacity and strength in their respective classes.

In the realm of temperament, both breeds showcase a spirited and loyal nature. Their protective instincts, paired with an enduring bond to their families, make them dedicated companions. Proper socialization brings out their affectionate, playful side, making them cherished members of many households.

13. Olde English Bulldogge

olde english bulldogge walking on the street
Photo: edvan kun

The Olde English Bulldogge and the American Bulldog both harken back to an era where their ancestors were revered for their strength and tenacity. Bred to resemble the Bulldogs of the past, the Olde English Bulldogge showcases a robust physique, much like the American Bulldog. Their muscular builds, broad chests, and pronounced heads bear testimony to their shared historical roots, with both breeds being designed for demanding work.

In terms of disposition, both breeds exude loyalty and a protective nature, making them ideal guardians for households. With proper training and upbringing, these bulldog breeds also manifest affectionate and gentle behaviors, especially within their family environments.

14. Tosa Inu

tosa inu in a forest
Photo: Tomas Maracek/Getty Images

The Tosa Inu and the American Bulldog, though originating from vastly different cultural backgrounds, exhibit similarities in their roles and builds. Both breeds are characterized by their muscular stature, reflecting their historical roles that required strength, from the Tosa Inu’s background in dog fighting to the American Bulldog’s farming and protective duties. Their imposing presence is a testament to their strength and endurance.

Beyond their physical traits, both breeds are known for their unwavering loyalty and protective nature towards their families. While they may display a reserved demeanor towards strangers, with proper socialization and training, both the Tosa Inu and American Bulldog can be affectionate, devoted companions in a household setting.

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